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The wonderful thing about living in East Lancashireis the at-your-door access to beautiful countryside. Every town in the county is surrounded by fields, hills, woods and streams. Stunning views and pockets of lovely greenery are so commonplace that it is easy to take it all for granted.

But we shouldn’t take it for granted, getting outside into the world does wonders for our appearance and health. The beauty and stillness of nature can refresh us from the inside out and adds a sparkle to our eyes that I don’t believe the most exclusive of clinics can reproduce. The fragrance of flowers and newly soaked grass can cling to your skin like perfume. Blackberries and wild strawberries can stain your lips in a delightful way and the sunlight, obviously in moderation, brings life to your skin.

Look I am happy, because I am outside

If nothing else taking time to loose yourself in countryside realigns your perspective. When you stop and consider how buttercups, bluebells and foxgloves are all equally beautiful yet very different from one another, does it not seem strange that we seem to think that women must all conform to one shape and appearance?

We can appreciate variety both spectacular and subtle in flowers, how wonderful would it be if we could do the same with the women in our lives.

All photos in this post are from the same lovely picnic we had last year

When I was growing up my mum often told me that I was beautiful, so I have her to thank for a large part of my confidence now. But much more importantly my mum told me how all of my friends and her friends are beautiful too. She enthused over their special features; Rachel’s white blond hair was beautiful, Emma with her slender figure was beautiful, Anna’s eyes change colour depending on the light, how stunning!

I know it sounds like a well worn cliché but admiring the unique appearance of other women can release you to be confident in your own beauty. It is possible to appreciate another’s beauty without making a comparison to your own. The lily’s charm does not diminish the elegance of a rose.

So this summer I challenge you to round up some friends and go for a walk and a picnic in the Great British countryside. As you walk gather random wild flowers from hedgerows, by the time you reach your picnic spot you will have a lovely country garden style bouquet.

As well as being a lovely illustration to how we can admire beauty in wide variety of forms, the bouquet makes a charming one-time only accessory for your day. Carrying the bouquet will remind you that you are an English Rose yourself; as free and as beautiful as your homeland.

Red Rose Style Guide:

1. Fresh air is your all round basic beauty treatment. Apply as often as possible.

2. When on a country walk gather wild flowers to create a one-of-a-kind bouquet accessory.