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Goon-like pose aside, the dress is prettier than my modelling abilities

This little dress is one of my proudest bargains. It was buried away in a New Look sale rack, and was only £7. I have had her for years now and she is one of my most frequently worn pieces.

The pattern on this dress reminds me of my favourite season. I have an ongoing love affair with all things autumnal. Browns, amber and red colours always attract my attention. I love it when the leaves change colours and we start wrapping up in cosy layers and I can go walking in the woods in mud spattered boots.

Although really I think the dress was originally designed as a summer dress. She is ‘ahem’ a little short and the material is thin, and her sleeves are just two basic straps. As a summer dress she is not perfectly suited to my shape, she lacks any form of fitted waist which makes me look bigger than I am, and plus the thick straps are not the best for tan lines!

 I think left on her own she probably wouldn’t be anything special, but when I team her up with my deep-pink fitted cardigan she becomes my favourite. Suddenly my curves and waist have retuned to me! I then add thick opaque tights and sturdy ankle boots and voila, she is transformed from summer to autumn!

The fitted cardigan is a trick I use again and again. Vest tops, loose dresses, oddly shaped tops all can be tamed by the firm ribbing of a fitted cardigan. I am also indebted to my fitted cardigans because they have helped me through a year of working in an office with a host of menopausal ‘hot flush’ prone large women and a powerful air conditioning unit! But that is really a blog for another time….

So to return to the original point, which is:

Red Rose Style Guide:

4. Long live the fitted cardigan. She is the fairy god-mother of ‘almost – there’ dresses.