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First photo taken for pure blogging purposes! Too shy to actually look at the camera

The label on the dress said that her name is Lizzie by Looking Glass, but to me she is alwaysAlice. This is a dress for High Tea and tumbling down rabbit holes. She was clearly made in Wonderland and I adore her.

To start with the lace collar is mesmerising. For weeks I watched the dress on ASOS, flicking through the images and lingering for far too long on a close up of that collar.

Then the shape of the dress had all the features I love, a moderately low neckline, a fitted waist and a full skirt that falls ever so demurely to the knee.

Falling to the knee

Add to that perfect frame a smattering of pretty details; buttons, a wrap round belt and piping along the pockets. Oh I forgot it has pockets! Pockets for embroidered handkerchiefs, sweets and little wheels of thread.

Alice is the epitome of the classic day dress. I put her on and instantly feel pretty, yet I don’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear her.  I can wear her at work, in the garden, at church, shopping in town…

The fairest collar of them all

Sometimes we spend too much time waiting for the next opportunity to dress up, when really there is no reason why we can’t assemble a wardrobe that draws out our beauty every day.

Red Rose Style Guide:

3. A good day dress is an effective way to achieve a pretty appearance with minimal effort.