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It started when I was 18. I read an article in Elle Magazine about a woman who only ever wore dresses to work. She said that she found it so much easier to get dressed in the morning because she didn’t have to match anything. Wearing dresses made her feel feminine and daring in an office where most women wore black or grey trousers with simple blouses. The woman stunned me, until that moment dresses for me where what you wore to parties and formal occasions. I had never considered wearing dresses during the day and especially not to work.

I cast a dismissive eye on my work staples; two pairs of trousers, two grey skirts, a couple of jumpers and my white shirts recycled from my Sixth form days. It was time for a change.

Work Dresses

What kind of dresses could I wear to work? I began experimenting. Pencil dresses with their figure hugging all-curves-on-display ways were a bit daunting but made me feel like a 1940’s  heroine entering the workplace for the first time for the good of Great Britain! Bold colours lifted my mood and made me imagine that everywhere I went I brought a little piece of vitality with me for all to enjoy. Dresses with full skirts were pure feminine heaven but had the risk of exposure when trotting down the outside steps on a windy day! Pretty floral tea dresses that fell to an inch above the knee combined with colourful cardigans and thick tights, became my favourites for the mixture of quirkiness and comfort.

Blue dressThe conclusion is that I love wearing dresses for work, and whilst I still mix in the sensible trousers and old school shirts, I love having an array of dresses to choose from in the morning. It is true that wearing a dress is less time consuming when getting ready in the morning. It is so easy to pick out a dress, grab some tights and my little black pumps and be off! Wearing a dress takes less effort but often creates a more put-together look. Also dresses are fun, I no longer feel that I am wearing a work-uniform but that I am dressing to look good and to feel good about myself.

Depending on the dress I can be adorable, flirty, prim, elegant, pretty or subversively sexy! None of this directly affects my work except in that making a more deliberate decision in what I wear each day reminds me that I am in charge, and feeling that I look good gives me a little boost of extra happiness and confidence, which can only be a good thing! Please hear me right, I am not saying that dresses are the key to career success; I am pretty sure the key to that is hard work! But what I am saying is that the simple act of wearing a dress to work is a good way to make your working days a little bit brighter!

Wearing dresses to work was the first piece of advice I ever followed from a fashion magazine, and so far it has also proved to be the best advice. Why don’t you try it for yourself?