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It was my husband who first introduced me to Pinterest. This was around February last year, he had proposed in January and were planning our wedding for September. Rob is a website designer and is always interested in new innovations and apps on the internet, so was keen to show me this fairly new form of social media. He said it would be a good way for us to collect ideas for the wedding and decide together what we liked.  So one afternoon he signed me up for it and we created some joint boards, one for wedding cake ideas, one for wedding decoration and one for wedding photography.  We set the privacy settings so that our Facebook friends would not see what we pinned because we didn’t want to give too much away.

The first thing Pinterest helped us decide upon was the cake. Our wedding had an autumnal woodland theme and we wanted the cake to reflect that but we didn’t know how. A quick search on Pinterest and Google images soon introduced to countless amazing designs and ideas. We also had a wonderfully talented cake baking friend, Nicky who told us she would design anything that we wanted with any flavours. With such a tempting offer we felt free to pick out our favourite elements from several cakes and ask Nicky to combine them for us.

So we asked her if we could have a three tired round white cake with “ruffled” soft icing like this cake: ruffled icingWith roses on the top like this: Roses cakeThen have fruit cascading down the cake like this: Fruit cakeAnd then we purchased a large slice of tree from a local gardening centre for the cake stand, a bit like this:

wooden cake stand

Nicky grabbed hold of the brief with enthusiasm and created the wedding cake of our dreams, in the process she set a blender on fire and lost a lot of sleep the night before making sure that the icing was just right. Because neither of us are fans of fruit cake she made each tier a different flavoured sponge. The bottom tier was chocolate, the middle, citrus and the top, carrot. Here is the finished result: wedding cake detailweddingcakedetailmywedding cake2

As you can imagine we were overwhelmed by how gorgeous it was. The flowers and the fruit made it look abundantly full of life and goodness. It also had a lovely rustic charm with the ruffled icing and rugged cake base. Best of all, it tasted great! Once we cut into it our guests rapidly devoured it! I only managed to get a small piece of the chocolate tier myself before it disappeared. Luckily the staff at the venue had saved the top tier and placed it in to my Mum’s care. When we went on our Honeymoon the next day we left instructions with my Mum to share the top tier with our friends and family at the church who had helped us in all of our wedding preparations.

before cake cutting

Whilst the cake is no more, I am so glad that I still have these photos to admire and smile at. And who knows, maybe one day some Bride Pinner will find these pictures and use some part of my wedding cake to design her own dream one?