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Do you remember these guys from the Jungle Book?


Yep. Well at times my beloved and I fall into the same pattern. We get bored but don’t really know what we want to do. So I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I would give it a go.


Since making wedding lanterns out of curry jars for our wedding we have a habit of cleaning out and keeping all our jars so we already had one to hand. I found the popsicle sticks at a Boundary Mill in Colne for £1.


The original pin said to colour code the date ideas according to the cost of the date using two colours, but my pack of popsicle sticks contained six different colours and I wanted to use them all! So I assigned Purple as free dates, blue and green were fairly cheap and easy dates, red and orange are more expensive/adventurous outings and yellow as very expensive, requires-forward-planning dates.

date_ideasTo make the list I used a mixture of things that we already like doing (like spending a Saturday morning in a nice coffee shop, reading and eating cake!) internet lists of ‘100 date night ideas for married couples’ and tourism websites for Lancashire. The tourism websites were especially inspiring. It’s funny how you can live somewhere your whole life and still find hidden treasures you have yet to experience. From the tourism websites I added Blackpool Tower Ballroom and a visit to Bowland Wild Boar Park. Rob also listed things he wanted to do and at the end of the activity I read out all the date ideas to him to see if there was anything he wanted to add.

One thing I realised doing this activity was that there were a lot of things that Rob would like to do that I wouldn’t choose to do because I am scared. Somewhere down the line I became aware of just how clumsy and uncoordinated I am and I now have the assumption that I can’t do a lot of things, even though as a kid I did them without hesitation. I know Rob would love to do more things like rock climbing, caving and cycling and whilst I am scared that I might make a fool of myself or hurt myself doing these things, I remember that 10 year old me loved doing this stuff and maybe it’s time for me to be a little bit brave. So a number of these more active dates went in the jar as well. I will let you know how we get on if we pick them out!

As we had more free date ideas than we did purple sticks, some of the sticks have a date idea on either side, but I like that we have a choice with some of them, an option A and an option B.

Once the sticks were all used up I found a ribbon salvaged from a Christmas present and a bit of card and added finished_jar[1] some decoration to the jar. On the label I attached a piece of heart table confetti left over from our wedding. Then I paused just as I was about to write ‘Date Night Jar.’ I had a problem with word ‘date’. Even though I have used it throughout this blog entry I just dislike the word. I am not sure why, it might be a culture thing. Despite the influence of American films and TV shows, I don’t really know many English people who actually ‘date’. We tend to just hang out and do stuff together. Also in my mind a ‘date’ is a contrived scenario, scheduled and planned, which doesn’t really suit how Rob and I relate to one another. So after a little deliberation I labelled the jar “Little Adventures”. That felt much more like us, it’s a jar of future adventures for us to have together.