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A very quick blog entry today to share with you these excellent Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts that are perfect for wedding favours. We used them for our wedding as part of a sweetie buffet but they would have been more than sufficient as individual favours in their own right.


Each heart is approximately 4cm in diameter meaning they are quite sizable. Wrapped in gold foil with various cute messages embossed on the foil, they are very appealing to the eye. If gold is a part of your wedding colours then these will fit in beautifully.  They were the first thing to run out on our sweetie buffet and if I had not had the wisdom to sample one a few days before the wedding I would never have found out how good they taste! I have very high standards when it comes to chocolate and I could have easily scoffed a dozen in one sitting if I hadn’t been reminded that they were for our guests not for me.

And here is the best part. They are fantastic value for money. On Amazon a 1KG bag costs £15.30 which is approximately 142 hearts. That works out at 11p per heart! I know that lots of recommendations to cut costs at a wedding either involve a lot more work or heavy compromises but here is an opportunity to save quite a bit whilst still having a lovely token of affection to share with your guests.

So there you go, cheap, pretty and tasty, what more could you ask for!