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My imaginary dog is called Rufus. He is an Old English Sheepdog. He was an adorable and cuddly imaginary puppy and he has grown into a lazy chubby old dog who had to be coaxed away from the imaginary roaring log fire to go out for wet walks in the imaginary autumnal woods. He is a kind and steady companion with occasional bursts of hilarious silliness.

Rufus, my imaginary dog has to suffice for now because I am in no position to give a real dog the time and energy it would require.

So imagine my delight when I met this chap the other week! This is Sonny, the blue-eyed heart-breaker at Grants Bar in Accrington.

Sonny & Lauren

Walking Over

Sat on knee


Onknee2My friends and I were at Grants to set up their function room for an event in the evening. When we first entered Sonny was spread out in front of the bar, like a great big shaggy rug, having a snooze on a hot afternoon.

The manager said we were OK to set our decorations up in the function room and we said we would happily leave the door open in case Sonny decided to come join us.

Sure enough, he soon followed us upstairs and padded over to each one of us in turn for a cuddle. Oh how my heart melted! Once we had each given him enough attention he sat quietly at our feet whilst we arranged some flowers for the tables.

Blue eyesLater on, when he caught me taking pictures of him, Sonny walked over for his close up. Then proceeded to sit on my knee, and didn’t seem to care  that he didn’t quite fit.

My dog broodiness levels are now at an all time high. But at least now I know where I can go to get a fix of puppy love!