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When entering your first year of marriage you tend to hear a lot of advice. I’ve talked to couples that I trust and I have read a few marriage blogs. The advice ranges from wise counsel, to solid common sense to flakier than a snake with dandruff. Now that I am about 9 months into my own marriage, I have this little tip for other couples; Take a walk.

DSC_2912I mean it. Get out of the house and into the car. Drive to scenic spot and explore it. Walking hand in hand in a pocket of English countryside is a lovely and natural way to unwind together in an evening. Surrounded by nature the daily stresses of life start to ease off our shoulders. Our conversation begins to drift from the trials of the day and we start sharing dreams and big plans for the future. And even when we are talking about big scary topics like children, houses, careers, money, we are in a relaxed mind frame that allows us to muse about our options without getting stressed over them. It means that our future is a joyous thing to anticipate and not a black cloud of worry heading our way.

More importantly being together outside allows us to just enjoy one another’s company. We laugh, we smile, we steal a kiss when no one else is about. It is a lovely no-fuss romantic way to spend a couple of hours in an evening.

We rarely go anywhere without Rob bringing his camera. I know I am biased but I do love his eye for photography. So I am going to try and share with you some of the beautiful places we have visited that are perfect for winding down, dreaming bid and enjoying the company of the ones you love.

The first one is Spring Wood in Whalley. A lovely small woodland with well kept trails that is perfect for a low key stroll. It’s suitable for little ones, older ones and pets. The best time to visit is in May/June because the whole place is covered in Bluebells! We were a little late in visiting this Spring so the bluebells were past their best still Rob managed to get some gorgeous photos of them.



Bluebells are such a magical looking wild flower. Bluebells should never be picked because they are a protected species but also they look far more beautiful in their natural habitat than they ever would in a vase on a windowsill. If that does not convince you to resist from plucking them, there is also an old superstition that if you ever hear the chime of a bluebell whilst picking them, you will die shortly afterwards! Much better to leave them where they are!




We visited Spring Wood in the evening just as the sun was setting. And we were astonished to see how many caterpillars there were crawling about. We must have seen about a hundred. Most of them were crawling up trees and they camouflaged so well they were hard to photograph. I have no idea if this is normal or not. If there are any wildlife experts out there I would be very interested to hear if caterpillars normally congregate in huge numbers in the cool of the evening?



This is me posting a photo of Rob on Instagram whilst he takes a photo of me.