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Original At last summer is here! All the windows are open at our house, everyone has pink geometrical shapes on random places on their bodies. The air smells of BBQ. And I choose this time to try and make a Christmas tree decoration!

This owl ornament was just next on my craft-to-do list. The design and instructions are from Juicy Bits. I love anything that reminds me of British Woodland and these guys looked adorable.

Check out the photos below to see how I got on.


First I gathered my materials. I have never used felt before so I checked out these tips online for some pointers. They said to make sure to use wool felt rather than acrylic so I ordered 100% wool from Wool Felt Company.

 tracing materials

I traced my shapes on backing paper and cut out my felt pieces. The tips for working with felt said you should use freezer paper and iron it on to the felt, then cut it out and peel the paper off. I didn’t have any freezer paper so I just did without. I also have lost my small fabric scissors so I had to use huge big scissors which made it difficult to cut out the little shapes. Some came out far to wonky so I just cut them again but this time without the templates. I just sort of felt it.

 cut pieces

stiched on

Once I had all the pieces I began to sew the pieces on the front.  I learned a new stitch for this project, the whip stitch. I really liked it! It was easy to use and gave the owl a cute rustic look. Although I might have over used it, to the point where my owl does look a little bit like a zombie owl! If I was doing it again I might glue some of the smaller pieces on.


I added a ribbon and began stitching the front and back together, once I was almost round I added some stuffing and closed him up. And Voila!

 blurred owl

At this point my camera refused to focus so the final photo is a bit blurry. If I make some more I will try and get some better photos of them. Anyway, plenty of time between now and Christmas to get it right!