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High Society

The sun is blazing, people are wilting, ice is clinking in drinks. An actual summer has descended on Britain. An actual summer, with day after day of blue skies and bare footed children squealing in epic water gun fights.

Such a feel-good season needs some feel-good movies to accompany the evenings, when hot and tired we retire to the cool shaded indoors. In such a spirit, I have scanned my DVD shelf and pulled out one of my favourite classic Hollywood movies: High Society.

Starring Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra & Louis Armstrong this film just overflows with old style glamour. The story follows the dilemma of beautiful but ice-cold Tracy Lord (Grace Kelly) who is about to marry Boring George. But the day before the wedding Tracey’s first husband, Dexter, (Bing Crosby) returns to the neighbourhood to win her back. To add to the chaos seedy Spy magazine is blackmailing the bride’s family to allow a couple of reporters (including Frank Sinatra) to cover the wedding in intimate detail.


It is a wonderfully funny and suave affair. Light hearted, beautifully styled and with music to make the heart swoon. But there are three reasons in particular that I love this film:

Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra retreating to a back room during a party and mocking all the guests (and each other) in song format

  1. Grace Kelly’s wardrobe – please can someone donate a wardrobe full of 50s summer dresses and ball gowns. They would be very much appreciated.
  2. Grace Kelly having the best hangover in the history of hangovers. She has no idea what has happened the night before but somehow her sozzled exploits bring about the perfect happy ending.

Sorry slight spoiler there, but a feel-good movie wouldn’t be a feel-good movie without a happy ending!