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SugarscrubMost bath products that I use are nice but underwhelming. Lather never lasts, the scent doesn’t linger and when all the water has trickled down the plug I don’t really feel the difference.

Not so with sugar scrub. I have tried a couple different brands but FCUK is my firm favourite. This is unusual as I am not really a big fan of FCUK, but I was given this as a Christmas present and I gave it a go then found out it is actually awesome.

The instructions are pretty simple, you get your skin nice and damp in the shower, then take a generous handful of the sugar scrub that feels like gritty butter in your hands and rub it in circular motions over your body. And this is when I realised that the grittiness is actually sugar and as I massaged it on my skin it feels satisfying. It feels like my skin is getting a deep spring clean.

As I worked away at scrubbing my arms and shoulders a beautiful scent rose in the air. It’s sweet but not sickly. Once I am done I step back in the shower and wash it off. And even as I am rinsing I can feel the remnants of the shea butter on my skin. A word of warning, the oil and butter will try and cling on to you and leave you feeling a bit soapy so make sure you rinse yourself (and your bathtub) thoroughly.

The result is exceptionally soft skin that feels newborn new and clean, and is wonderfully fragranced. Every time I use this product I feel truly pampered. And as the tub is a generous size there is plenty of pampering to be had with just one purchase. Bring on the next shower!