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Tim Burton is known for his gothic vision. His films are bursting with pale eccentric characters, headless horsemen, skeletons and ghosts. Yet, despite the death and gloomy style, there is a surprising amount of love, romance and beauty interwoven in Tim Burton’s stories. Therefore, I have come to believe that his work is an excellent muse for a Bride & Groom who want an alternative approach to their big day. Here is my guide for a Tim Burton inspired wedding.

The Dress

Think drama. Tim Burton is all about dramatic silhouettes. The brief glimpse of Mrs Lovett’s wedding fantasy in Sweeney Todd shows a large full gown with a veil as long as the dress. Traditional and gothic.

Sweeney Todd

Or if you want to be more daring, how about opting for a red wedding dress like Lydia’s from Beetlejuice.



If you wanted a slightly more subtle Burton wedding style, how about using light blue bridesmaid dresses. Think pretty, dainty and feminine. Examples include these dresses from Big Fish and Alice in Wonderland. This would especially work if your bridesmaids happened to be blonde!

Blue dress


Suit Up

What about the groom? Well, depending on your sense of style you could opt for the full classic black & white treatment from Beetlejuice.

Black and White suit

Or a more traditional suit in dark grey inspired by the Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride suit


For flowers you want something strikingly different from the average bouquet. You could incorporate some thistles as a nod to Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas. Thistles are the traditional flower of Scotland and can be symbolic of resilient beauty. I think they are perfect for a bride who has kept her heart beautiful in difficult times.


Or you could choose a ghostly blue bouquet as illustrated in the Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

Colour Theme

A black & white colour theme would be a perfect backdrop to a Tim Burton wedding. Frankenweenie was filmed entirely in black and white and shows how much detail can be brought to the light when there are not a clamor of colours to drown them out.



Anything by Danny Elfman. The Finale from The Nightmare Before Christmas and the snow dancing song from Edward Scissorhands spring to mind as hauntingly romantic soundtracks for the day.

dancing in the snow

Fun Stuff

To close here are some other fun ways to add a little bit of Burton style into your wedding:

  • Golden ticketTables named after Burton films
  • Willy Wonka Golden ticket invitations
  • Look for venues with topiary gardens to give your wedding a Wonderland feel
  • Face painting table – to give your guests a Burton makeover – pale faces, dark circles under eyes, dark lips!
  • Have your wedding around Halloween and decorate accordingly!

So there are my ideas. I would love to hear from Brides out there who are planning a wedding with an alternative Burton-esque style or from ones who have already said ‘I do’ with Burton flare! Please comment below with your ideas, memories, advice.