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Today my favourite beauty brand, Benefit held a summer fayre in Manchester to raise money for Refuge, a charity that supports women who have suffered from domestic violence. Rob and I made our way to Piccadilly Gardens to check it out.

When we arrived we could spot the fayre from across the gardens thanks to the stunning blue and pink set pieces. It looked like a sea side ice cream parlour! There was a stall at the front where you could make a donation in exchange for tokens which you then used to play the fayre games. At each game you had the chance to win prizes. We bought five tokens and did pretty well at the games. Rob excelled at shooting lemons with a nerf gun and won a make-up bag for me. I preferred fishing for ducks in the bright pink water fountain.


Once we had played all the games we popped into the photo booth and had a mini photo shoot. It’s very rare I get photos of Rob because he is normally the one behind the camera, but look, here is evidence that he does exist, and is not imaginary, unlike my dog, Rufus!


By the time we left my bag was full of Benefit goodies, including this amazing promotional comic produced with Marvel. This is exactly why I love Benefit (apart from the fact that their products are quality) they have so much fun and innovation in their packaging and branding. I mean why not connect a beauty product to the Avengers! For a geek girl like me, it’s a perfect match!


Rob was a bit dubious at first at going to a make-up event, but once we were there we both had lots of fun. The staff were amazing, friendly and full of personality. We felt very welcomed from the moment we arrived.

Our winnings

Our winnings

I think it is really cool that a company like Benefit would put on such a fun event. When we looked through our prizes afterwards I was amazed by how much we had come away with. And I am so pleased that the money we spent will be going to Refuge, a charity that is a literal lifeline for so many women.

So well done Benefit! You will certainly remain my favourite beauty brand!

P.S. To find out more about Benefayres check out their blog here.