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Just off from Junction 12 of the M65, hidden behind B&Q is Pendle Village Mill. It’s a converted industrial mill that now sells carpets, clothes and some of the most beautiful shabby chic furniture and home-ware items I have ever seen. On my last visit I picked out five items that would be the finishing touches in a farmhouse kitchen. As I don’t actually own a farmhouse kitchen, I am just keeping them on a wish list for now. But one day who knows I may be able to rescue an item or two and give them a good home!


Item 1: Cockerel food racks. Here I would keep some vegetables to hand like onions and parsnips. Maybe if my food was on display I would remember to actually cook it, instead of finding a depressed looking swede lurking in the back of forgotten shelf.


Item 2: A cast iron thread holder complete with scissors. A handy thing to have around the kitchen as I use the thread to tie up my home baked cakes in waxed brown paper ready to deliver to my friends and neighbours.

 blue shelf

Item 3: A pretty blue shelf-thing. The top part can be a letter holder and the bottom shelf will hold pens, elastic bands, blunt pencils… Therefore my counter will be free from the clutter that dominates my current kitchen.

butterfly cake stand

Item 4: This beautiful butterfly cake stand, where the aforementioned home baked cakes will sit proudly on display in the middle of a large wooden table. Meaning that cake will always be available for a mid-afternoon snack.


Item 5: This patchwork chair, which will live by the aga. I will sit on it in winter evenings with a book in my hand and a cat on my lap. Bliss!