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Whilst I was browsing Ebay the other week I spotted this vintage dress and I rubbed my hands with glee. I have wanted to learn how to alter and up-cycle clothes for a long time and here was a dress that was pretty in print but hideous in pattern. My opportunity had arrived!

So here are the before photos!


Old 2


Now isn’t that something! I knew this wasn’t a task I could face alone so I went to my friend and sewing teacher Mary, and under expertise, we performed a startling transformation!


As you can see we got rid of those long sleeves and replaced them with cute cap sleeves. We also lost the frills around the collar and replaced it with a V-neckline. And we raised the hem line so that the length wasn’t drowning me!


I really love the pleats in the skirt, they are so pretty!


Here is a close up of that beautiful print and a belt that Mary made out of the fabric that we had taken off the dress.


I am so pleased with how this turned out I had to do the dress twirl of happiness! And I am so grateful to have a friend like Mary who is so patient and encouraging in teaching me how to do these things. Hopefully this will be the first of many dress makeovers to come!