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It’s a proud moment for my little blog! Today the brilliant Pinstrosity featured my Victoria Sponge mishap and linked to Red Rose Style.

nailed-it-funny-32If you have not come across Pinstrosity it is a fantastic blog that records the exploits of people who try to recreate Pins from Pinterest. It started off mainly looking at the ones that go disastrously wrong, hence the title ‘Pinstrosity.’ But they now also include Pins that didn’t go to plan but turned out awesome all the same.

What is cool about the site is that they don’t just share the photos and stories for a laugh, but they research what went wrong and make suggestions in how to fix it. So that other crafters can avoid making the same mistakes.



Here are some of my favourite posts:

1. The Cookie Bowl Mayhem

2. Leaning Tower of Kids

3. Too Short Shorts!

So Yay! My blog has been mentioned on a really fun site. If only all my mistakes had such lovely consequences!