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Malibutique_Liverpool_One_zps6b976f0fToday Rob and I set off again to Manchester in search of freebies. In my ASOS magazine last month I spotted a promotion for the Malibutique, a pop up event in certain cities which by the looks of things would include free Malibu cocktails and some fashion and beauty stalls. As we both are rather fond of the coconut rum we decided to go along.

Not quite knowing what to expect we approached a small marquee in Manchester Exchange Square. We queued for a few minutes before the greeter handed us each a free drink token and ushered us in.

The first thing we saw was a long bar filled with brightly coloured cocktails. Wedrinks quickly exchanged our tokens with the smiley girl behind the bar. Rob chose the Mali-Blue which included Malibu, Blue Curacao, lemonade and fresh lemon juice. I went for the Mali-Colada which tasted absolutely delicious.

With drinks in hand we surveyed the rest of the tent. Nearest to us was an ASOS section with racks of clothing, next to that was a Toni&Guy station where you could get your hair styled. Behind them was a Nails Inc stall where two women were providing mini-manicures. In the furthest corner was another bar where a guy was demonstrating how to make a variety of cocktails.

We began to look around the clothes section when a woman approached me and said that there was a free space at the hair styling station if I was interested. Yes please! The stylist said I could choose from one of four looks which were:

  1. Almost Famous – Long waves with plaits running through the
  2. Very feminine – Low side ponytail
  3. 90’s – Wavy, low key, pretty
  4. Go Bold – A rockabilly quiff with big volume curls 

As it was free and a chance to do something new I told them to go bold. And I absolutely love what they did! I have never sported a quiff in my life and this is the first time since my motorbike accident that I exposed the scars that are on my forehead. I was feeling brave, but when an expert offers you their services for free it’s an opportunity to take a risk! And I am so glad I did, I spent the rest of the day feeling retro-glam!





Five hours of heavy shopping activity on a blustery day passed by quickly. Just before we headed for home we stopped at the Oklahoma Café in the Northern Quater for a rest and some hot drink restoration. Rob took this photo as evidence that the Danish pastry swirl quiff had stayed firmly in place.


So thanks Malibu, great event, great staff, great fun, great drinks and great hair! When is the next one?