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Hello my Dear Blog-Reader chums. I have a very quick post for you today. Yesterday Rob and I were in Manchester and we found this gorgeous café and oddity shop in the Northern Quarter and I wanted to share it with you!

It is called the Oklahoma Café and it is amazing. Everything about it was colourful and quirky. None of the chairs matched and the ceiling was covered in a variety of lamps and bunting.



Rob and bar

We had a look around the shop first where I fell in love with this lampshade.


Then we spent an age trying to decide which hot drink we wanted out of all the tempting candidates on the menu. In the end I picked the Perry’s Chocolate Orange and Rob had the Chai Rocket Fuel.



Both of them looked, smelled and tasted wonderful! The food on the menu was all vegetarian and organic sounding, but even a dedicated carnivore as myself has been won over. Next time we go to Manchester we will be coming here for lunch. Then we will raid the shop of its silly treasures.

So next time you are in Good old Manchester go check it out. It has a great fun atmosphere, an exciting menu and from floor to ceiling is packed with weird and wonderful goodness. You’ll love it!