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I can’t style hair. It is one of the girl skills I never got the hang of. Like manicures and self tan, I neglected to put the hours of study and practice in to it during my teen years. Now I feel like I may have missed something. I have three hairstyles that I have mastered for every day life:

  1. Down and brushed
  2. Ponytail
  3. Half up half down, which is a sneaky mash up of styles 1. and 2.

If it is a special occasion I have three more options:

  1. Straightened with the much neglected GHDs
  2. Unevenly curled with my GHDs
  3. Ask someone to style it for me

Number 6 is always my favourite, the outcome if different each time but it always looks amazing!

To remedy my woeful hair competence (which has become more evident the more I surf on Pinterest), I decided this week to have a play around a hair tutorial to see if I could manage an updo.

Here is the guide I tried to follow.

Here are my results.


Back & Side

OK so it is a very messy version. This is about my seventh attempt and half way through I abandoned the tutorial and just tried to get it pinned up. It got more dishevelled but I was determined not to start again so I just kept sticking in pins until it looked like this.

My biggest problem seems to be using the dratted hair pins. On every tutorial video the flaxen-haired guides just seem to be able to slide the pins in exactly where they want to and their hair just holds. I think they might be using witchcraft.

But anyhow, it’s not perfect but it is technically an updo. So I am counting it as a win. Hurrah!