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Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. We booked tickets to see Wicked in Manchester and that will be our real anniversary celebration, except that the tickets are for the 13th September and out anniversary is the 8th.

It seemed silly to not do something on our actual anniversary, especially as it fell on a weekend. Neither of us really wanted to exchange presents or cards so after a few quiet minutes whilst we tried to think of something to do Rob said ‘Let’s try the Date Jar.’

The Date Jar was a craft project I had done ages ago but had never used. You can check it out here.  The idea is that you fill a jar with date ideas and then when you are feeling indecisive you pick one out at random and do it!

Because we are cheaters, Rob and I picked out an idea each and then we could pick which one we really wanted to do. Here is what we picked out.


As it happened we fancied doing both of these so we decided to go to Skipton Castle for the day and stop off at the Tempest Arms for a meal on the way home.

Skipton is one of my favourite places. It is a compact town with an Old Worlde feel. Cobbled streets, tightly packed alley ways and interesting pokey shops. Like Diagon Alley with less pointy hats. Although I have visited the town many times I had never ventured into the castle until today.

So we made our way up and for the reasonable price of £7 each we got through the gate and into this beautifully preserved medieval castle.



at the window



I think what impressed me the most about the castle was how functional it felt. Most castles are so close to the brink of collapse that it is hard to imagine people ever living there, but not so at Skipton. There was a real sense of life about the place despite the quiet Sunday afternoon atmosphere. It was easy to imagine the people eating, drinking and sleeping in the castle. And in the towers we stood at the narrow windows in probably the same spot that archers took their shots at the besieging army during the civil war. I loved it.

There was also a ruined church in the grounds, that was hauntingly beautiful.

church font

church window