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Yesterday I shared with you how Rob and I spent our anniversary this last weekend. What I didn’t share with you was how our parents both made our day extra special.

Whilst we had decided not to buy each other presents our parents made no such promises. Rob’s mum Angela sent over this beautiful bouquet and my parents sneakily purchased this exquisite botanical cake stand that I had blogged about weeks ago but had resisted purchasing.


butterfly cake stand

One Saturday my parents offered to take Rob and I out for a meal at our favourite restaurant; The Tempest Arms. We immediately accepted and booked a table for the next day. The Tempest Arms deserves a blog post of its own so I will write about it another time. But if you want to see why we chose to go there just check out the menu on their website! We had a lovely meal and just simply enjoyed each other’s company.

I know anniversaries are a time when we get mushy about our spouses (and I do indulge in this) but as we ate our meal I felt very thankful not only for my husband but for how our family had grown through our marriage. For all the mother-in-law jokes that populate stand up routines, my own mother-in-law, Angela, is one of the kindest and strongest women I know. She is the mother who raised the man I love, how could I not admire her? Plus from the moment we met she made me feel welcomed and accepted. She treats me like a daughter and a friend.

Likewise I have loved seeing my parents develop their own friendship with Rob. My Dad and Rob have been to the cinema together, gone mountain biking and have a shared photography hobby.

A popular wedding vow taken from Ruth says ‘Your people will be my people.’ As we mark our first year together I am so grateful that my people are now Rob’s people and Rob’s people have become mine.

Its a good thing!