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‘Cathy’s wearing a flasher mac!’ cried Andy.

Trench Coat1It was not the reaction I was hoping for. For months I had lusted after a fitted beige trench coat on ASOS, it was £60 and I really really wanted it. To me a simple trench coat evokes the aura of the 1940’s woman; practical and alluring, adventurous and beautiful. The trench is timeless.

After an age of clicking on to ASOS daily hoping for the coat to magically make it to the sale section, I unexpectedly came across a very similar looking coat in H&M for £30 and bought that instead.

Because I am always in a rush and don’t have time for the little things like buckling a belt, I tend to just tie the belt in a bow around my waist, which pulls it in nice and tight and avoids a few moments of faffing. Plus I feel that is a quick way of putting my twist on this classic coat.

 I loved it and strutted into work the next Monday morning overflowing with confidence. Then Andy piped up:

‘Cathy’s wearing a flasher mac!’

‘It’s not a flasher mac!’ I was outraged.

‘Cathy’s wearing a flasher mac! Cathy’s wearing a flasher mac!’ Andy continued in a sing song voice.

This became our daily routine for a number of weeks but it did not put me off. Although I have learned that actuallhm-Trench Coaty if my skirt is shorter than the coat and if the neckline underneath is a little bit low, then yes, actually, I do ever so slightly resemble a person who might be prone to a bit of flashing… The animal print in the lining doesn’t help either.

Anyway, despite an unfortunate association with perverts, I still love my coat.

And I have worn it every year since purchase. It is my spring/summer coat. Once the frost disappears my cosy winter takes its place in the wardrobe and my old faithful returns to me once more.

And without fail on the first working day of Spring I will hear the familiar cry:

‘Cathy’s wearing a flasher mac!’

Some things never change.