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I was browsing through some holiday pictures, in an attempt to keep the memories of sunshine alive as he the temperature plummets, when I came across these photos taken in the ruined city of Knossos in Crete. We took this day trip on the third day of our holiday and I was at this point terribly sunburnt. The majority of my skin had turned a shade of pink that a My Little Pony would describe as garish. These photos perfectly illustrate my imperfect strategy for masking sunburn.

Pic 4

Pic 3

Pic 1

Did you work out what my strategy is? Ready for the big reveal? Scroll down…..

Pic 2

My secret strategy to masking sunburn…. is to wear lots of bright colours and hope that my bright pink skin looks pale by comparison!

There is probably a better way of doing this…

Anyway looking at my sore flesh reminds me of all the reasons to be grateful for coming seasons. Bring on the jumpers!!