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There is a chill in the air and clouds in the sky, the leaves are changing and so must I.

Becky at work has a theory that everyone’s favourite season is the same season in which they were born. We once spent an afternoon interviewing everyone we saw to put this to the test and sure enough nearly everyone’s birthday fell in their favourite season. What a self-centred bunch we are!

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that Autumn is my favourite season and not just because my Birthday is in October (the 13th if any of my readers are in a present giving mood). I love everything about Autumn, including the clothes; warm red jumpers, brown boots and mustard coloured scarves. It is all so beautiful and comforting.

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the worse I have decided not to moan about the cold but to embrace the change in seasons by digging out of the wardrobe my autumn/winter handbags.

Here they are!


pretty bag


The bag with the bow is my favourite. I found it on sale in Meadows & Byrne in Dun Laoghaire last winter. But I have since managed to break the zip, I was too rough with it on a shopping trip. I use it anyway but each time I do I feel very guilty. I really must fix it soon!


This purple bag was a gift from my friend and sewing teacher, Mary. It is absolutely exquisite and because it is handmade I am very careful with it so it has stayed in better condition than my other poor neglected handbags! I love these colours, they are so rich and warm, perfect to add a splash of colour when you get stuck in black & grey mode over the winter months.

So bring on the clouds, the wind, the rain, the leaves and the chill, me and my bags are ready for ya!