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I have stated before on this blog that I have an unjustified disapproval of animal print. I just don’t like it. Yet I am very much enthralled with the animal kingdom. Our world is full of beauty and spirit and although leopard print will never be my style, there are animal inspired pieces that I am very pleased to have in my wardrobe. Here are my top 5:

  1. ASOS Elephant Jumper

What is not to love about this? It’s a beautiful colour, it’s warm and the design has a rustic Indian vibe which is very appropriate for an elephant jumper.

2. Tesco bird jumper

Again another simple and practical printed jumper. This was one of my best purchases last winter. I think it was about £16 and I wore it non-stop. It goes with everything.

3. Panther bangle

Another ASOS buy. This is magnificent. It’s such a deep rich shade of blue and those eyes are just perfectly fierce. Good to wear on ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ days.

4. Warehouse Butterfly and Flowers Cardigan

The botanical style has been my favourite trend of 2013 and this cardigan is the perfect expression of the look. It is feminine, pretty and quintessentially English. Plus the fabric is wonderfully soft; once it’s on I never want to take it off!

  1. Fox Necklace – Culture Vulture, Leeds 

fox necklace

I have a mini-obsession with foxes and when my brother took me to the amazing culture vulture shop in Leeds I knew out of all the quirky pieces there that this was the one for me. It’s a little bit gothic and isn’t to everyone’s taste but I adore it!