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Last weekend the adorable town of Grassington hosted a magnificent 1940’s weekend. The event was sponsored by Cottages for You and Rob had done some work on their posters and giver-away hamper during the week. So Rob and I decided to go on the Sunday.

me and plane


It was an amazing, everywhere we looked there was something interesting to draw your attention and Grassington was the perfect town to host the event. It has an old world feel with its cobbled street and cute cottages surrounded by idyllic countryside. Plus there are a plethora of tempting tea-shops which is always a good sign.



The place was packed with vintage cars and people in authentic costume. There were brilliant singers positioned throughout the town performing popular 1940’s songs and there were even dancers to show us how the 1940’s couple used to boogie!

flash car



yellow dress

Just outside the town was a replica of an army base, this was a really interesting, if slightly unnerving experience. There were tables cluttered in old guns and land mines and from time to time they fired some of the guns in a demonstration. I do not really like the sound of gun fire but it does help you to imagine the lives of the soldiers who lived through the Wars. We got chatting to one of the guys in the ‘Russian Camp’ and he insisted that I had a go holding the gun, which was very heavy!

Guitar playing

holding gun

At half 2 everyone gathered in the town centre for the fly-by! That was a fantastic moment, kids pointing, everyone gasping at the same moment like a firework display. It is so cool that someone has kept these planes running and that there are people who can fly them!

crowd watching