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I don’t own a bike, but if I did it would most definitely be the Pashley Poppy Classic bike in pastel blue. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bike?


If I had that bike I would attach a little basket and fill it with a small picnic. My love and I would cycle into the countryside, find an idyllic spot and munch away on our sandwiches.

If I had that bike I would cycle along the canal in the evening and watch my shadow race beside me in the golden sunlight.

If I had that bike I would wear pretty clothes that made me seem all French and stylish. I would cycle to the shops on the high street and fill my basket with local produce and become friends with the baker, butcher and grocer.

And then I remember that it rains a lot in Lancashire, that it took me two attempts to pass my Cycling Proficiency test at Primary School, that I would be terrified to cycle on the road, and that I don’t have a spare £400 to spend on a bike that would only get used on perfect summer days….

So yeah, I don’t own a bike. But if I did it would be this one!