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Last week I wrote a tribute to my beautiful Trench Coat but now that the weather is cooling and the showers are coming in, it is time to swap to my ASOS hooded black coat.

This coat was my triumphant purchase after weeks of searching for a new winter coat. It was very frustrating because all I wanted was a simple coat with a hood and button fastenings. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently so, because in every shop I visited any coats that did have buttons lacked a hood and any coats with a hood came with toggles instead of buttons. Toggles! I loathe toggles! Oh, I know they look alright but when your fingers are numbed with cold they are an absolute pain to manage. Or is it just me?

I did not realise how rare the hood and button combination was! Anyway I finally found this beauty on ASOS and snapped it up. It’s got a hood, it’s got buttons, it’s warm and it’s cute. And it is the perfect thing to wear when exploring woods when the leaves turn gold.