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This photo always makes me smile. We were out walking in Spring Wood in Whalley when Rob spotted a squirrel quite near the path. He crept towards it trying to get close enough to take a good photo without scaring it away. He had just crouched into the ‘nature photography’ position when a couple came up behind us walking a little black Scottish Terrier. For a moment everyone, people, dog and squirrel froze. Then the dog charged the squirrel. The squirrel shot off into the trees, the dog followed and within a second both were out of sight.

The couple began yelling ‘Charlie!’ But Charlie did not listen. From the rustling in the branches overhead I assume that the squirrel quickly scarpered up a tree for safety. But now that Charlie had started running he didn’t seem to want to stop. We couldn’t see him but we could hear him quite clearly crashing through the undergrowth in one direction then suddenly he would turn and race off in another. From time to time we caught a glimpse of him through the trees, a little black dash of fur that seemed to bounce forward like Tigger from Whinny-the-Pooh.

One of his dashes crossed over the path and that was when Rob managed to get this picture of the cheeky Charlie. After a few minutes he returned to his exasperated owners, wagging his tail and looking very pleased with himself.