ice-cream-sundaeA while back I shared with you my Shovel List. For the uninitiated, the Shovel List is a list of things that are so annoying that you wish that you could hit them in the face with a shovel. You can find my list here.

I have since been told that it is quite negative to have a Shovel List and I should instead focus on more positive things. I am not sure if I agree because I quite enjoyed writing my Shovel List and have even drafted a part two in my head. But as we are all on a life-long quest to become better people I have decided to take the advice on board and so today I present to you my Cherry list.

My Cherry list is a list of the best parts of good things. The little extras that take what is already a nice experience and tip it over the edge to pure bliss, the proverbial cherry on top of the ice cream of life. These are my favourite finishing touches on the best things in life.

  1. Freshly washed pyjamas after a good long soak in a bubble bath
  2. The duvet that you snuggle under during movie night
  3. Finding out there is an extra 10% off the dress you have fallen in love with whilst you are at the till.
  4. Thick gravy on a Sunday roast dinner
  5. Sunshine that streams through a window and falls exactly on your favourite reading spot
  6. Unexpected free samples at the bottom of a parcel that has arrived on time
  7. Buttercream in cake, any cake.
  8. Mulled wine with the Roast Belly of Pork at the Tempest Arms
  9. Loud crunching leaves to stomp through on a crisp autumn day.
  10. Professor McGonagle in the Battle of Hogwarts
  11.  Sharpening a new pencil to a perfect point
  12. Reaching the top of the hill in time for a spectacular sunset
  13. Your favourite song plays on the car radio as you drive home on a Friday afternoon
  14. Sherlock and Watson smirking at each other at the end of A Study in Pink
  15. Crossing the last item off a to-do list
  16. Finding a matching set of stones for a snowman’s smile
  17. Getting past the Finish Line on Mario Kart just before the Blue Shell hits you. Too late losers! I win!
  18. Any time when you don’t have to queue
  19. A chocolate digestive biscuit when you are at the half way point between peckish and hungry
  20. Hugs!