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Girls NightMaybe it’s that time of the month or maybe it has been the week from hell. Maybe you’re just feeling run down or maybe because it is what you fancy. Whatever the cause, we all have times when we just want a night to de-stress, refresh and indulge.

For some, good company is the thing that sooths the nerves but for me, I like some alone time and one of my pleasures is taking an evening to partake in some girlie indulgences with just my own sweet company.

These are nights I look forward to all day whilst I wrestle with photocopiers. I have been perfecting the Solitary Night of Girlie Indulgence for some years and have created this basic but effective recipe. I have found it very handy in side-stepping a dark mood that is threatening to descend.

So here is my tried and tested recipe for a Solitary Night of Girlie Indulgence, please feel free to make alterations and substitutions to your own taste.


  • Scented candlesorchard-pear-scented-glass-tumbler
  • Peggy Lee soundtrack
  • Lush Bath Bomb
  • Nail polish or other simple beauty treatment
  • Freshly washed Pyjamas
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate straight from the fridge.
  • Bottle of Rose
  • Uplifting movie or TV series. No tearjerkers allowed
  • A good book


Like with any successful recipe, gather your ingredients and de-clutter your centre of operations. Light the scented candles (Yankee’s Pear Orchard, is my scent of choice) and get Peggy Lee playing on the laptop.


  1. LushTake off uncomfortable work clothes and run a deep bath. Add one Lush Bath bomb. Note- avoid the glitter ones, it’s fun for a moment but is impossible to get rid of and will spread to your entire family like a sparkly nit epidemic.
  2. Soak body in bath until shoulders are fully relaxed or until the water cools.
  3. Once out of bath wrap yourself in the fluffiest towel or dressing gown available.
  4. Begin beauty treatment of choice. The thing to remember here is to keep it simple. If you get carried away and decide to do a head to toe makeover you will turn a treat into a task. That goes against the purpose of the night, which is to refresh. So our emphasis is on quick and easy activities that make you feel good not guilty. A few of my recommendations are: –

                                                               i.      Sugar Scrub – because the results are instant and indulgent

                                                             ii.      Nail painting – because if you have nothing else in, there is always a bag full of partially used nail polish. And when you are not in a rush there can be something quite satisfying in carefully painting your nails. It’s a bit like the adult version of a colouring book.

                                                            iii.      Foot spa – because we work out feet very hard and they deserve some pampering.

  1. Now that you are clean, dry and pampered, ditch the towel or dressing gown and replace with best pyjamas.
  2. Retrieve chocolate and wine from fridge. (It is best saving the wine till now because painting nails and drinking wine should not be done simultaneously, for obvious reasons)
  3. Insert DVD with screen entertainment of choice: Bridget Jones Diary, Miranda or Black Books are my top three. bridgetEncase yourself in a blanket with a wine glass in one hand and chocolate in the other.
  4. Maintain position for 1.30 to 2 hours. Allow contentment to seep through to the bones.
  5. Emerge from blanket. Hide evidence of empty chocolate wrapper or wine bottle in the bin.
  6. Move on to the bedroom. Complete the usual night time routine. Prop up pillows in to reading position. Settle in to book of choice. Ideally this will be one you have read before as reading a new book can result in staying up till 3 am and repeating ‘Just one more chapter’ incessantly. What you want is an old faithful book that you could pick up at any page and instantly feel at home.
  7. Read until your eyes feel heavy. Switch off the light. Emit a sigh of happiness and a prayer of gratitude for the little things, and go to sleep.
  8. Wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning.