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This last weekend Rob and I were at a wedding. I was feeling neutral colours at the time so I put together this outfit. It was one I’ve worn before for weddings and I do like it, even if the skirt is a little bit too short when I sit down, but I find holding the Order of Service on my lap usually helps to disguise this in the church.


Anyway it is the blouse that I adore in this outfit. It is just so pretty with its little pearl buttons and gold trimmed ruffles. But alas after three years the delicate material has been used and abused and it is now coming apart in a few places.  So I have regretfully decided that this will be the last outing for the cutest of silk blouses.

Before it is gone into the fabric scrap pile I just wanted to share it’s beauty here. So at the end of the night we did a quick photo session (in quite poor lighting) next to these amazing red curtains!

Goodbye to you, my lovely silk blouse that cost £7 in a sale and has lasted for over three years I’ll miss you.

close up

In fact I think it is time I did a big wardrobe clear out. The bag I took to the wedding had a stain on the bottom and a broken clasp. I think it is time I accept the fact that things don’t last forever and I should get rid of the scuffed, stained and slightly broken things and replace them with shiny new goodies!

Watch this space!