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The internet is swarming with cute couple photos. Winning smiles, loving gazes, complimentary outfits. Aren’t people in love freakin adorable?

Aww. Well hold on to your hats dwellers of the internet, because I have elected to share with you my very own cute couple’s photo.


So this is when we were on Honeymoon in Turkey. We signed up for a day trip to some natural mud and sulphur baths. The leaflet made it sound all relaxing and spa like, the reality was much stranger. The place was packed with people and we were led in groups of around 20 to two muddy ponds and told to slather ourselves in the mud. We waded knee deep into the water and picked up sludge by the handful and got to work. Once we were covered we had to stagger out of the pond and stand in the sun whilst it dried.

The mud slowly turned this weird greeny/grey colour until we resembled un-threatening gargoyles.  Then we went to the showers to wash it off, which took ages.

After we were thoroughly clean we could then queue for the hot sulphur bath. Just before we were allowed in, a staff member hosed us down with a hose pipe of freezing cold water. Finally we got to the sulphur water, which had a definite pong but did feel nice on the skin. After stewing for 15 minutes with 50 other strangers in a small smelly pool we got bored and went searching for ice cream.