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My love and I took advantage of this fine grey and rain soaked day to go on a walk in the beautiful countryside surrounding Ilkley. If you are curious the route we took, you can find it here.

We wrapped up in our waterproofs and warm hats and set off into the wild.

The route was pretty gentle but if you still have a six-year-old’s fascination with all things nature like me, you will be entertained. We saw tiny sheep whose red markings and rain had dyed it’s wool pink. We saw gnarled and ugly-beautiful trees.

We navigated stone steps through autumnal woodland.

But the greatest moment was when we came upon this promising Horse Chestnut tree.

Obviously someone had gotten there before us because they were a lot of empty and squished cases on the ground but after a bit of hunting we hit the jackpot!

That’s right, we found two shiny new conkers! Aren’t they beautiful? And is there anything more satisfying than popping open a horse chestnut shell and finding a huge gleaming conker inside? Perfect. Also I realised today that if I ever dye my hair I am going to ask for it to be Conker-coloured. Actually now that I think about it, is that what people mean when they say ‘Chestnut coloured hair’? Mind blown!