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I have had a fashion craving this Autumn for two things:

  1. A plaid dress
  2. A pinafore

Imagine then, my delight when I discovered this plaid pinafore dress by Miss Patina. The brand had recently featured on the wonderful Domestic Sluttery blog, and it was love at first site. If I had the resources I could easily have bought half the stock, but the bank account decreed that I was limited to one purchase, so it just had to be this pinafore dress.

I ordered it a week ago on Friday, it arrived Tuesday and yesterday I wore it for the first time on a visit to the LowryMuseum, Salford with Rob and my brother, Josh.

Newdress mybrother and I

So first of all, I love the dress, it is very well made and it is a wonderful length for thick tights and boots. I love the pleats in the skirt and the ever so many buttons. The plaid pattern has strands of peach and blue subtly running through it, which means you have a lot of options for co-ordinating it with different colours. I can see that this is the dress I am practically going to live in over the next few months.


Secondly, I have to recommend that you go visit the Lowry soon to see the ‘Performer as Curator’ exhibition by Alison Goldfrapp. Unfortunately and understandably they didn’t allow us to take photos inside the gallery but I can tell you that it is a beautiful and displacing collection and well worth seeing. My brother has a passion for fairy tale and folklore illustrations and he was really excited to see some of his hero’s paintings in person rather than just an image on a flickering computer screen. Bearing in mind that entry if free, although they do recommend a £3 donation, it really is worth going and experiencing the wonder for yourself.

The exhibition runs until March and you can find more information about the Lowry here.