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pictureMy Dad has a rule that Christmas activities are not allowed until after bonfire night. So since it is the 6th November I can finally share with you these cute reindeer gift bags that I made in October. I followed a tutorial from Simple Sewn Gifts and although the design was pretty simple it had a few ‘firsts’ for me, including:

  • First time cross-stitching
  • First time withdrawing threads – I hadn’t a clue what this meant until Mary explained that I had to literally pick out four parallel threads so that I could weave in the ribbon
  • First time sewing with linen.

Anyway I am pretty pleased with how they came out. I decided to stick to traditional Christmas Red colours rather than the pink and green suggested in the book.



Now all I need to do is decide what gifts to put inside and who to give them to. I am thinking chocolate, I am thinking brightly coloured jewellery, I am thinking cute embroidered handkerchiefs…

Any more ideas would be most welcomed in the comments because now that I have started making these I am itching to make a whole bundle. Then I will make a really big sack to put them all in, then I can go visit all my friends and be like a girlie version of Santa Clause! Now if only someone would lend me a sleigh….