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Is anyone else having Great British Bake Off withdrawal? I must be, because the last time I was in TK MAX this pink and glitter covered book leaped out at me and demanded to be purchased immediately.

Ladies Book of Baking

After leafing few it a few times I decided to have a go at making macaroons. These seemed to appear every week on Bake Off, and although I can’t remember ever eating one, they always looked delicious.

Here is what they should have looked like:

How it SHould Look

Beautiful right? So I whipped up the mixture and put it in the oven. And this is how the came out 10 minutes later:

out of the oven 2

Out of the oven

OK, not smooth and shiny, more cracked and burnished. Think I may have had the oven to hot. Nevertheless I got Betty Crocker’s icing out and got to work. We already had the icing in the house so it seemed silly to make more from scratch. No it’s not cheating!


Here are the finished results:

Finished item

Not quite up to Paul and Mary’s standard, but they do have a certain homemade appeal, right? As for the taste, they are sweet, almond-y and chewy. I have no idea if that is what Macaroons are supposed to taste like. But that is how mine taste. I guess I need to go raid a Bakery and find out how the professionals do it! But for now I am going to box these up and take them round to my parents for our evening snack as we watch the long-awaited Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode! Saturday’s don’t get better than this!