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Last year on a cold winter’s night Rob and I decided to leave our curtains open when we went to bed. Snow was falling in huge big flakes and it was stunningly beautiful. We didn’t want to miss a moment of it so we just sat on the bed in the dark and watched our street disappear under a soft white blanket.

It got pretty late but we couldn’t bear to stop watching. Eventually Rob decided to get the camera out and try to take some photos. He managed to get a couple of good images.


Then two figures appeared at the end of the street. They were walking towards us and one of them was rolling something in the ground. Confused and curious we kept our eyes on the couple. As they got closer we could see that the man was rolling a snowball down the road and the snowball was getting bigger and bigger.



When they got to our house the snowball was so big that the guy was struggling to keep it moving. They made it past another three houses before it got too heavy for him to push. They stopped and had a conversation. He was obviously reluctant to leave his masterpiece behind. She was obviously keen to get home. After a short debate they abandoned the snow-boulder and carried on their way.

Couple 4

couple 5

Rob and I walked passed the boulder the next day, and the next, and the next. It took weeks to melt and every time we saw it we shared a giggle. I love to think of all our neighbours being confused at the massive snow boulder that appeared magically during the night, and only Rob, me and the mysterious couple will ever know how it got there.

Well, and now you know too!