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Yay December is here! The countdown to Christmas can officially begin.  Now we all know that there is a lot of planning involved in this festive season. There are presents to buy, Christmas parties to organise, cards to send or forget to send and a guilt complex to follow that will last till mid-February.

But in all this chaos it is very important to plan and prioritize which Christmas films you are going to watch this year. There are so many out there and whilst most are pretty good not all hit that warm and fuzzy spot of Christmas goodness. Plus in-between the parties, carol services, family gatherings and napping it can be really easy to get to the 5th January and realised that it is too late to watch Santa starring film till next December.

That is why I am deciding in advance which Christmas films I am going to prioritise this year and come drizzle or blizzard I am going to watch them all before the holidays are over.

  1. Edward Scissorhands


I am sure there might be some out there who would question whether this counts as a Christmas movie but I say it is because there are Christmas decorations and snow involved. My list, my rules. Edward Scissorhands is a gentle bitter-sweet tale of the love between a beautiful young girl and a boy with scissors for hands. It’s a quietly magical film which is strangely heart-warming. The story is solid and engaging but it’s the look and music that will give you shivers, from the pastel suburban neighbourhood to the abandoned house surrounded by a collection of gigantic topiary animals.

2. Home Alone


I have not seen this film in years and I really fancied watching it last December however the world was against me. I missed it on the TV and then on boxing day I bought it from a DVD shop in Dublin but when we got back to the house we realised the case was empty! The shop forgot to put the DVD in. We were on a plane the next day so I never got the chance to go back and get it. So this year I am going to try again and hopefully be more successful.

3. Elf


For sweet and happy laugh out loud moments of silliness you really cannot beat Will Ferrell in an Elf costume. Christmas cheer abounds in this daft movie about a human raised by Elves and going to New York to find his human family. Warning: it will leave you with a very strong craving in your sweet tooth for candy canes!

4. The Nightmare before Christmas


The second Burton film on my Christmas list, but it is a good one. If Elf is too chipper for your tastes then the Nightmare before Christmas should satisfy your darker inclinations. Halloween takes over Christmas and chaos follows. This film is stunning and full of creative detail making a delectable feast for the eyes. There is always something new to spot with each repeat viewing, which is why it has a permanent spot on my Christmas list.

5. The Muppet’s Christmas Carol


This is my favourite Christmas film of all time and it never gets old. Michael Caine is a perfect stony faced Scrooge, convincingly cruel at the beginning and wonderfully joyful at the end. The Muppets bring their happy humour to the story but still allow us to get a few chills (and sobs) in the right places. Side-effects will include singing ‘Wherever you find Love it feels like Christmas!’ in a bellowing voice for at least a week.

And there you have a list of what will be keeping me entertained this December. So pass me the popcorn and let me know what is on your Christmas Movie list in the comments.

Season’s Greetings!