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Last month I made the brilliant move of booking a haircut on the same day that I was going to a wedding. It was one of the days that the heavens were smiling because everything went perfectly. I go to OMD in Burnley and the wonderful Catrina cuts my hair. Catrina knows the difference between a cut and a trim, understands my garbled requests and keeps my style very natural, which is how I like it.

But this time she did these amazingly tight curls that lasted all day and were super bouncy. I felt like a very cute doll! To try and keep my look a bit more grown up I wore a deep purple dress from ASOS with a high neckline and full skirt. I added some patterned tights and black and cream heels from New Look.


The venue was Victoria Hall in Saltair that had been decked out beautifully by the bride and groom. Rob and I slipped upstairs to the Balcony when they were changing the hall over for the evening do. It is nice in a wedding to grab five minutes of quiet just to refuel before the dancing kicks off. Anyhow Rob had his camera on him so we had a mini photo shoot whilst we were up there.


Also had a lovely moment when realised my beautiful friend Kate had chosen the same colour to wear! Great minds think alike!