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I am 26 and I have just purchased a colouring book…for myself. I came across it in the gift shop at Rubajellos weeks ago and was enchanted by it. It is called the Midnight Colouring Book and it reminded me of a book that I read last year and had me blown away: The Night Circus by Erin Morgensten.

Midnight Colouring Book Cover

The Night Circus is about a mysterious circus that only opens at night and where all the tents, costumes, sets and props are black and white. A bit like a Tim Burton film only less skeletal and more whimsical. In the book there are certain fans of the Night Circus who begin to follow it from location to location.  These fans call themselves the ‘Rêveurs’ meaning the Dreamers and to help them find one another they wear bright red scarfs when they visit the circus.


Now doesn’t this looks like a Night Circus colouring book? Except by the time you’re done the Night Circus won’t be the Night Circus at all but an explosion of colour!

Black pages! What an inspiration for a colouring book, so you can colour on both sides without the colour seeping through!


When I first saw it in the coffee shop, I resisted buying it because, well because colouring books are for children aren’t they? But when days later I was still thinking about it I went back to the shop to get it. But by the time I got there the book was gone! No copies left on the shelf.

I resorted to going online and for a mere £3.75 this magical book was mine. Someone pass me the crayons! Oh and you should check out their website www.doyoudoodle.co.uk to see some of their other groovy colouring books.

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