Hello happy readers! Are you in a crafty mood today? You are! Well what do you know! I have spent the weekend finishing off a project that you may enjoy!

How it all began….

I was browsing my Pinterest boards the other day when I came across this image.


Isn’t it beautiful? It is an illustration by Inge Friebel from 1959.

There was so much to love here. The forest imagery, the midnight blue background, silver leaves… it reminded me of Narnia.

I decided that I couldn’t just walk away I wanted to use the illustration as inspiration to make something new.

Looking for an up-cycle opportunity…

So I pulled out this plywood box that had been part of a mulled wine gift set. But the mulled wine had gone and the glasses were in the cupboard. The box was just sitting there all forgotten and forlorn, just yearning to be revamped!


I gave it a generous three coats of System3 ‘Ultramarine’ acrylic paint. The colour came out exactly as I hoped, not too bright so that it lost the night-time look and not so dark that you couldn’t tell it was blue.



Then I scoured Amazon for two woodland themed stamps. This took some time to find but eventually I managed to find a tree and a rabbit that looked like they would be in scale with one another.


After a bit of research and a few trial runs I decided to paint the stamp with Silver water based enamel paint by Plasti-kote. As you can see I played around with how much of the stamp to use. I did have a silver ink pad but it failed pretty miserably at getting the colour to stick.



Once happy with the technique, I used the stamps to create a winter midnight forest scene in the box. They didn’t some out perfectly but I was happy enough with the results.

The grand reveal….

Pretty soon the paint had dried and I had a pretty display stand.


There are a few things I could use this for; nail polish would work, as well as trinket boxes or figurines. I considered putting hooks in for jewellery but I wanted to see as much of the trees as possible so in the end I decided on a mini-perfume set. I adore perfume bottles. Especially tiny but exquisitely beautiful ones!

display stand

I feel very smug about this project because it is the first time when I didn’t follow a tutorial or guide. This is all my own work! Someone should give me a gold star now please!