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When you need to grab five-minutes at work to re-set the brain what do you do? You know what I mean, those moments when you need to catch your breath and clear your mind before jumping back into the fray. Do you take a cigarette break? Grab a snack? Stretch your legs or simply stop and chat to occupant at the next desk over?

Well my brother, Joshua MacDonald, uses those five-minutes between phone calls and tasks to sketch post-it portraits.



Although they are quick sketches each illustration has a sense of naivety and imperfection that is endearing. I’ve seen many expressions of Joshua’s artistry since we were both children and the theme of vulnerability masking hidden strength is a recurring idea that seeps through most of his outpourings. Each one of these faces has something about them that evokes a sense of innocence. You want to protect them.


When Joshua shared these illustrations on Facebook a friend instantly commissioned a new portrait of a panda holding a flower. By the end of the day Joshua had managed to produce this kind fellow and christened him Kevin.


As you can see Kevin is clearly the sweetest soul that has ever been.

 RossJoshua says that it is important to ‘grab tiny moments to do something creative when your grinding away at everything life requires of you.’


I think most of us out there have at least a tiny creative streak within us and we should probably let that side of us out to play more often. Even if it is only for that five minute break – you may find that it provides more of an energy boost than the usual chocolate digestive!