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The Garden Kitchen nestled in Bolton-by-Bowland opened on the 30th March 2013, it is not yet a year old but its already gained a loyal customer base. Word of mouth recommendations has resulted in over 16,000 likes on it’s Facebook page.

I had three separate friends recommend the Garden Kitchen to me and I saw it featured in another blog before I managed to get there myself. Now that I have been, seen and tasted I can confirm that reports of the Garden Kitchen’s loveliness have not been exaggerated.


For starters – how gorgeous are these salt and pepper shakers? 

I booked their famed Afternoon Picnic for Rob, my parents and me one wet and windy Saturday. Even from the outside the building loved very warm and welcoming with its glowing windows.


Once inside it just gets better, big stone flags, rustic wooden shelves, and a friendly member of staff to greet you and escort to your table within seconds.


In fact before I delight your eyes with photos of just what a Garden Kitchen Afternoon Picnic consists off, I have to give a shout out to the wonderful waiting on staff. The place was nearly full when we were there but they served us quickly and cheerfully.

Now on to the food!

picnic bench

This is where the wow factor is. Whilst they do have a varied menu including the biggest burgers I have ever seen, I think their afternoon picnic is their star attraction. It consists of a selection of savory and sweet mini-selections and comes on these amazing mini picnic benches! I’m going to let the photos do most of the the talking from here.


Bottom Shelf

Top shelf sweet, bottom shelf savory, both shelves delicious!

Prawn Cocktail


I really want some of these mini wellington boot glasses!



Is your mouth watering yet?

After the visit I asked Holden Clough Nursery if they would be willing to do a mini interview for Red Rose Style and very kindly they agreed! I spoke with Kate Lawson, the manager of the kitchen.

After gushing for an embarrassingly long time on how much I enjoyed the afternoon picnic and how cute all the decorations are I actually managed to ask some questions.

So how did the Garden Kitchen come about?

Well we took over the garden centre in 2009 and the plan was always to open a tea room. We saw that there was a gap in the market in this area for a day time establishment. There are lots of places near by to eat in the evening but not so many for those wanting lunch.

Afternoon teas are very popular at the moment and from that we came up with the idea of the Afternoon Picnic. My brother is a joiner and he makes the picnic tables for us.

I Love how everything ties in together to the garden theme.

We are a part of the garden center and wanted to bring the garden into the tea room, so there are lots of pots and tools along the walls. It all ties in together.

Jenny Livsey the pastry designer came up with the ideas to serve the food in mini buckets, pots and wellington boots. It’s these details that make us stand out.


Your website says that you source your ingredients locally, how important is that to you?

It’s very important to us, we want to support local business as much as possible. We use Bowland Spring Water, get our meat from butchers in Clitheroe, our beer is from Bowland Brewery and our milk comes from Dairy farm just minutes down the road. So yeah, it is very important to us to use local ingredients.

Farmer's Market

What products would you recommend from the farm shop?

The Eccles Cakes and Chorley Cakes are very popular. We also have a new range of Hawkshead chutney that I would recommend!

So what is next for the Garden Kitchen?

We want to keep on adapting the menu. Some places stick with the same menu for years but as we are getting a lot of repeat customers and we want to offer them something new. So we have a special picnic this week for Valentines day and we will do a something different again for Mothers Day in March.

We will also be introducing a Spring Menu soon. We want to keep on offering new experiences.

So go on and check out the Garden Kitchen, I already want to book in and take my Grannie, but there is no way she would finish her half of a picnic….I would have to help her out… it would be the right thing to do…