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My new blogging habit is to pick a pin from each of my Pinterest boards to inspire a blog post. It’s quite fun because you never know where the original image may lead you. My last ‘pinspiration’ was of a children’s book illustration and led to the creation of a perfume display stand!

This time I looked at my new Chocolate board and chose this pin of a Chocolate and Mint Brownie.

Mint Chocolate Brownies

It looked delicious so I set out to recreate my own. As the recipe for this was American and I am not the best at translating measurements I decided instead to find a British Brownie recipe and do some adaptations.

I found the promisingly titled ‘Best Ever’ Brownies recipe on the BBC food website and simply substituted 50g of chopped up Matchsticks for 50g of milk chocolate chunks. Thereby creating Matchstick Brownies!


Favourite part of baking these was:

Chopped matchsticks

* Snapping the matchsticks into little chunks. They made a good ‘crack’ sound with each snap which had the same sort of satisfying feeling as popping bubble wrap. They also looked very pretty in bowl with the white chocolate drops.


* Melting butter and chocolate on the hob. I always love doing this! The smell, the lovely runny texture of the chocolate, mmmm

melted chocolate

Where it went wrong:

Whisking the egg and sugar. The instruction said to whisk until the mixture becomes smooth and pale like a milk-shake. This never happened, it also didn’t pass the ‘dribble some on the surface and see if it holds it’s shape for a couple of seconds’ test either. This might be because I was the using the food processor instead of an actual mixer.

I even changed attachment half way through but that didn’t help either, it just stayed as runny yellow sugary liquid so in the end I just moved on to the next step. Maybe if this part had gone to plan then the brownies would have risen a bit more???

I have no clue on baking science ….

Into the oven

The results:

Out of the oven

Whisking problems aside, the brownies baked pretty perfectly. After 25 minutes I took the tray out and gave it a shake and there was no wobble! Yipee!

Crinkle layer

There was also a pleasing crinkly-but-not-burnt layer on top.

And the house smelled amazing for the rest of the day. Hurray for baking!

Finished results

Oh and I forgot to mention the taste! Well they actually taste like mint which surprised me. I think I was expecting it to taste of just chocolate with the occasional bit of mint chucked in, but no, the whole thing taste like mint chocolate.

I of course did some experimenting, all for the sake of the blog, and decided that the best way to enjoy them was with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream with some matchsticks sticking out at the top like a mini-delicious albino hedgehog!