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On a rare sunny day last month Rob and I met up with our friends Adam and Heidi at Bolton Abbey as it is the mid-way point between our homes that are separated by the Lancashire/Yorkshire border.

I remember going to Bolton Abbey as a child but for some reason it has been years since we were last visited. Well, it couldn’t have looked more beautiful so I wanted to share with you some of Rob’s photos of the day.

Through the trees

To my shock the famous stepping stones had either been washed away or submerged in the river due to all the heavy rain. This felt very strange as the stepping stones were the one thing I really remembered.



I do love a good ruin! Look at all these arches within arches. They are so beautiful and always remind me of that Tennyson quote:

Yet all experience is an arch where through

Gleams that untraveled world, whose margin fades

For ever and for ever when I move


And inside the church the sun was streaming through the stained glass windows creating all these pretty patterns on the stone walls.

Stained Glass

We walked onwards and upwards and soon came across the Penny Trees!

Penny tree 2

Aren’t these cool? I’ve done some research since the visit and apparently there is not a clear explanation of what is going on here. There are a few penny trees dotted around Northern England but not one clear story of why people push pennies into the fallen trees.

My guess is that it is a bit like a Wishing Well, and people just do it for a laugh and we shouldn’t read to much into it.

Penny Tree

Whatever the story behind it, I like this new tradition. It’s a piece of unexpected art on a country walk that everyone can contribute to. Armed with a good sized rock we added our own pennies to the tree.

Adam Penny Tree

The countryside really was at its finest, all hazy skies and green fields. I could easily see us returning in the summer with a heavy picnic basket!