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The women in my family always have at least one Bronte on the book shelf. Jane Eyre is one of my Grannie’s favourite books, whilst my Mum gave top place to WutheringHeights, which is part of the reason why I am named Cathy. I have been assured that it is Cathy’s passionate nature she liked and not the power to self-induce a fatal illness!


As for me, well I love them both in equal measure, I cannot choose! But I do appreciate what a good thing it is to pass on the stories that matter to us. I love hearing my Grannie talk about the qualities she admires in Jane Eyre and I will never forget how my Dad used to read me The Hobbit as my bedtime story. Even my younger brother would lend me his copies of the Edge Chronicles and we would then spend long afternoons creating our own imaginary worlds to rival the realm of sky pirates!

So there were plenty of books in my Parent’s house but I have always especially adored my Mum’s copy of WutheringHeights. It is a beautifully printed edition, with lovely gold lines on the cover.


And the lining on the inside is the most stunning green and gold pattern that is just breathtaking.


Then hidden within the stories are these amazing illustrations! They are bold and kind of wild looking and I couldn’t imagine a style more in keeping with the characters.


Borrowing this again from my Mum, I realised how nice it is when the packaging of a book is perfectly in keeping with the contents within.

I love WutheringHeights but I have yet to buy my own copy because I cannot find one as beautiful as Mum’s version. That is one of the unexpected downsides of moving out of the parents’ house – you have to buy your own copies of your favourite books!


It’s made my fingers itch to go on a second-hand bookshop treasure hunt to see if I can find some beautiful hard back editions of stories that I love.

So I’ve been thinking about some of the books that adore but do not own and have come up with my own ‘Classics’ shopping list:

  1. WutheringHeights by Emily Bronte
  2. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier – I did buy a paperback copy of this last year but then I read it out in the sun all day and the glue sort of evaporated and all the pages fell out!
  3. Winnie the Pooh collection by A.A. Milne
  4. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein
  5. Watership Down by Richard Adams – This is one of my Dad’s favourites, unfortunately we have read his copy so many times between us that it’s a very tattered and tired looking book now. I am not sure whether it would last one more reading.

So if anyone out there knows of any good looking editions of these books that do not cost the earth or can recommend some good Northern second-hand book shops, please get in touch and we will be book buddies forever!