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Last Saturday Rob and I managed to get up and out of the house in the morning to go for a walk in the lovely countryside that surrounds Barrowford. I am so glad we got out when we did as by the time we hit the town centre on the way back it was just starting to rain.

Our walk started on the long steep hill of Pasture Lane. It’s a bit of a slog but we were rewarded the moment we set off by this glorious crocus!

CrocusThen when we reached the top of the hill we were greeted by one amazing view stretching out all the way to Pendle Hill!

Molehill2And check out those mole hills! There is one focused mole on a mission in these fields. Seriously, that line went on for as far we could see!

Hawthoarn treeThen we came across this fantastic twisted hawthorn tree. Rob told me in Ireland that Hawthorns are sometimes called a ‘poor man’s grave’ as they were sometimes used to make the graves of men who couldn’t afford a gravestone.

RiverWe walked along the fields and then through a small wood until we came out by the river. At that point the rain clouds were rolling in and we got that wonderful light when the sun is golden but the sky ahead is dark. Gold and grey, I love it!

1656345_10153904732995430_103126850_nHeading back into civilization we came across this fantastic disused chimney. I love these towers that populate the Lancashire landscape, I always know I am close to home when I see tall industrial chimneys.

Cobbled streets  Then just before we rejoined the main road we found this gorgeous cobbled street. I bet it is a nightmare in icy weather but today it just looked adorable.

And that dear readers was how we spent a good couple of hours last Saturday. Slowly meandering in the countryside, stopping every few steps to take photos or look at a bird or to try and befriend other people’s dogs!

Happy days!