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When Rob and I were engaged we had a wedding website so that our guests could RSVP online and see all the info for the big day. We’ve taken the site down now but I wanted you to see some of the photos Rob took for it.

We both absolutely love Lego, (who doesn’t?) so Rob decided that we should have Lego Bride and Groom version of ourselves on the site.

We rummaged through our Lego collection to find suitable pieces to make the happy couple. We used Lex Luther’s suit and Superman’s hair for the groom. For the bride we used Cleopatra’s dress and a zoo keeper’s hair! Later on Rob photoshopped the dress to make it look more bridal and less Egyptian.

So here is our Lego Wedding Photoshoot. Hope you like it!



20120406_104304And the version that made it on to the site:

Final Bridal